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Seminar Abstracts:
2018 will be the 28th year that Fountain National Academy has been conducting Embalming Seminars for the Professional Embalmer.  We are dedicated to providing top quality and more information packed seminars than anywhere in the world. 
We are proud that Embalmers continue to evaluate our seminars with high praise for quality, content and presentation.


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Continuing Education Is an “Investment in Your Professional Career” 


Seminar # 3D (4 -days): Title: Embalming Skills Seminar
This was the very first seminar conducted by FNA when it was founded in 1990. Its impressive record includes numerous attendees from around the world. The wide variety of subjects discussed creates an avenue of learning for any professional embalmer, apprentice embalmer or student of Mortuary Science. Its format is classroom setting with Power Point presentations and discussion of techniques accompanied by an actual embalming demonstration of techniques performed by Mr. Fountain on a cadaver. We are confident you won't be disappointed when you attend this popular information-packed seminar.
(Enrollment is limited to 14)

Seminar # 2D (2 ½ -days Hands-On):  Title: Soft Tissue Injuries, Waxing & Airbrush Cosmetics Seminar
It offers in-depth discussion of specific techniques the embalmer can utilize to treat soft tissue injuries on the face in order to prepare the tissue for waxing and cosmetics. Specific waxing techniques will be discussed in detail.  Color and Cosmetic application are also discussed including and introduction to the application of cosmetics with the "Dinair® Airbrush System". Yes, you will have an opportunity to use the Dinair® Airbrush System.  Each participant will spend a majority of his or her seminar time in the Embalming Lab actually practicing the application of the techniques on a cadaver. These techniques have proven helpful and valuable skills to the professional embalmer.
(Enrollment is limited to 12 embalmers)


Seminar # 5D (5-days Hands-On): Title: Advanced Post Mortem Reconstructive Surgery Seminar
This seminar has gained the attention of Embalmers from around the world. Embalmers like this format because it's "Hands-On" and they can actually practice the application of highly specialized techniques on a cadaver. While the seminar imparts a large volume of information its main focus is on the most severe cases of edema, massive destructive and crushing head injury or severe tissue and bone destructive injury caused by high velocity gun shot wounds.  Many hours are spent in the Embalming Lab practicing techniques.  It is the right seminar for the embalmer who wants to increase his or her skill level in the area of Post Mortem Reconstructive Surgery. If you desire to learn additional techniques that can be used to convert the closed casket case into an open casket case this is the right seminar for you.  Its history boasts of embalmers from various foreign countries and across the United States. It further must boast of the feed back FNA has received from its graduates in which they speak of open caskets now that before the seminar would have been closed. This seminar is the most Prestigious seminar of its kind in the world. You can enroll well ahead to ensure space availability.  (Enrollment is limited to 12 embalmers)

Seminar # 4D (5 -days): Title:  Advanced II Post Mortem Reconstructive Surgery Seminar
This seminar was developed at the requests of previous participants in Seminar #5D. Its purpose is to allow the participant to perform surgery with even more difficult challenges than experienced in Seminar # 5D. It is the next level beyond Seminar #5D and allows for more practice of specific techniques. It is offered only once per year and enrollment is limited to 7 embalmers. You must be a Graduate of FNA Seminar #5D to attend Seminar #4D



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Refund Policy “A”

Applies to Seminar # 3D

If you cannot attend for any reason a 100% cash refund will be granted or we will give you full credit, for the amount you paid, toward another FNA seminar. The refund method you receive is your choice.

Refund Policy “B”
Applies to Seminars # 2D, 5D & 4D

100%: Cash refund or full credit, for the amount you paid, toward another FNA seminar if you make the cancellation more than 30 calendar days prior to seminar. The method you receive is your choice.

 If cancellation is made less than 30 calendar days prior to seminar we do not offer a cash refund but you will receive full credit, for the amount you paid, toward another FNA seminar. he method you receive is your choice. FNA may, at its discretion, offer a 100% cash refund for any cancellation.

(Our liberal refund policies protect your enrollment fees and there are NO hidden Administrative Fees)

Note: Should FNA fail to produce a seminar(s) all fees paid to FNA, respective to that seminar, will be refunded 100%

We welcome your suggestions on subject matter, seminar lengths etc. What would you like to see us offer? If you have any suggestions you can e-mail them directly to Mr. Fountain or call us at: 417-833-5130 USA.